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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to provide for our students, from age 3, a dynamic, all-encompassing curriculum focusing on the development of the whole dancer in a positive, supportive and nurturing environment. With classical ballet at its core, we are able to establish a solid foundation upon which the dancer can build, thus developing the skill sets that will allow them to work professionally in today's market if they so choose. 


The best dancers are well-rounded, therefore our program is comprehensive. With our combined 100+ years as dance educators and performers, we know this to be true. We ensure that all the lessons taught in class are transferable and applicable across genres. Our highly accomplished faculty, who are collectively some of the best dance educators in Los Angeles, meet regularly to maintain the integrity of what is being taught in all classes, assess student progress, and address concerns; thus ensuring the best possible outcome for each dancer. We believe in clear, to the point, honest communication with both parents and students alike. We are here to support your children on their dance journey. What ever that may be, we will ensure your dancer always receives the best possible training without compromise. We teach it right the first time!





The Pre-Ballet is our preparatory division that introduces children to the beauty and joy of dance.


Our youngest dancers begin at age 3 (or potty-trained).

The focus is on developing musicality, rhythm, flexibility, strength, and stamina with a specific focus on fundamental technical progression. 


This division is designed for the dancer still looking for outstanding training in conjunction with their other extra-curricular activities. The curriculum consists of Vaganova based classical ballet training supplemented by carefully structured non-classical classes. These include Contemporary, Jazz, Acrobatics, Tap, Hip-Hop and our competitive Performance Company.  


Étoile is our accelerated program for dancers beginning at age 8 who demonstrate an aptitude for classical ballet. Our curriculum is based on the principles and fundamentals of classical ballet to ensure the quickest and strongest results for aspiring professional dancers. Drawing from the best of the different ballet pedagogues, with Vaganova technique at its core. The curriculum prepares dancers to be employable, healthy, and have longevity as a professional. The curriculum is designed to allow any dancer to start the process of learning classical ballet for the modern-day market.

*This program is by audition only. 

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2518 W Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91355
(818) 845-8856
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