…is to provide for our students, from age 3, a dynamic, all-encompassing curriculum focusing on the development of the whole dancer in a positive, supportive and nurturing environment. With classical ballet at its core, we are able to establish a solid foundation upon which the dancer can build, thus developing the skill sets that will allow them to work professionally in today's market. 


The best dancers are well-rounded, therefore our program is comprehensive. With our combined 80+ years as dance educators and performers, we know this to be true. We ensure that all the lessons taught in class are transferable and applicable across genres. We meet monthly to maintain the integrity of what is being taught in all classes, assess student progress, and address concerns; thus ensuring the best possible outcome for each dancer. We believe that feedback is very important for both parents and students alike therefor bi-yearly progress reports help parents and dancers track their improvement. 


Our team firmly adheres to the charge that no matter what one’s future goal may be regarding dance, it is important that one is taught correctly at the onset. To nurture a love of process, detail, history, tradition, and learning is of the utmost importance, which in turn fosters a lifelong appreciation for this magnificent art-form. Dance is a practice that requires commitment, diligence, discipline, time and perseverance. The road is long and dancers will encounter many an obstacle along the way. We strive to make the journey a positive one by helping our learners make remarkable discoveries about themselves as human beings and artists. Whether it be the finest ballet company in the world, the Broadway stage, a prestigious university program or simply a physical and creative outlet, it is essential that our dancers are equipped with the skill sets that will afford them the opportunity to, if they so choose, follow a professional path as a dancer.