Pre-Academy Program


The Pre-Academy is our preparatory division that introduces children to the beauty and joy of dance. Our youngest dancers begin in Pre-Ballet progressing through Preparatory levels 1-4. The focus is on developing musicality, rhythm, flexibility, strength, and stamina with a specific focus on fundamental technical progression. Dancers are introduced to the ballet traditions while maintaining a fun, upbeat yet focused atmosphere in preparation for our Academy Program.



Academy Program (AP)


This division consists of carefully graduated levels of Vaganova based classical ballet training supplemented by mandatory, carefully chosen non-classical classes. Each level is designed to allow safe progression within the curriculum. Class placement is based on the student’s ability and development. This includes factors such as age, muscle and bone development, mental and social maturity, work ethic, years of previous ballet training and potential. Advancement within the division is determined by benchmark achievements demonstrated through an informal examination process.



Professional Mentorship Program (PMP)


Our Professional Mentorship Program is for select dancers who are individually mentored and tracked by our Director. In addition to our Vaganova based classical ballet program and comprehensive supplemental curriculum, dancers will augment their training with regular, weekly private coaching.